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3D anatomy software in Success Center gives students an edge

Life Chiropractic College West’s Student Academic Success Center recently purchased 3D4Medical, state-of-the-art software designed to assist students in all health care fields. Procured earlier this year, 3D4Medical is already being utilized by Life West students, and its depth of knowledge and stunning graphics have made it a valuable addition to the school’s learning experience.

“The 3D4Medical app allows our students to experience digital learning of the atlas at the touch of a button on any device and in three-dimensional form, with the ability to enlarge any component to get a close-up look,” said Dr. Pardeep Kullar, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “It’s an excellent tool that enables learners to take charge of their learning experience and really hone into the areas of study they need to master the atlas.”

“The three-dimensional presentation of the tool is obviously really nice for the students,” academic adviser Tia Ruggles said. “You can start with the bare bones of a skeleton and build on that. You can add the endocrine system, nerves, organs, muscles, and you can move around and change from female to male.”

3D4Medical’s versatility makes the program useful for a wide variety of aspiring health care professionals. It’s proven to be an asset to students ranging from those new to the health care field to those ready to embark on their careers.

“A lot of our basic science courses have to do with the spine, the skeleton in general, and complete anatomy of the human body,” Ruggles said. “We do have students who haven’t taken classes in some of these things, so this can be a really great tool.”

She added: “Some students are benefiting just by being able to use the visuals, and I know a few students who are really utilizing the app to study for boards. In that way, it’s acting as a refresher as well.”

To use the software or for more information, visit the Student Academic Success Center. To learn more about the software, visit the 3D4Medical website.


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