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A note from Dr. Jennifer Bosco, Life West Executive Director of Admissions

Alumni play an important role in the Admissions cycle and in the lives of prospective students. Many of our students have grown to love chiropractic because they were your patients first. They realize how your work has made a difference and want to emulate your mentorship and professionalism in their own career.

Dr. Jennifer Bosco

Dr. Jennifer Bosco

The more we reach out to people beyond the chiropractic circle, the more chiropractic mentors we need. Students have a lot of choices these days, and they look to people who have already been through the college experience to act as guides. 

Your influence has a direct impact on the number of students who choose chiropractic, attend a chiropractic college, and the reach of chiropractic itself.  By working with the Admissions office you can place prospective students in your direct path for a conversation or a mentorship, be a guest speaker at an event, or host your own event and highlight your practice. Simply displaying Life West items in your office can really impact a person’s future. I know there are endless opportunities for us to collaborate. 

A little about me…

In addition to serving Life West as the Executive Director of Admissions, I teach in the Organization & Leadership department at University of San Francisco and am a writing coach there. I have two teenagers at home, one in her first year of college. This keeps me busy enough! In addition, my partner and I are active in community organizations and have our own monthly podcast about life, relationships, and anything else that is our minds. 

I look forward to meeting you and finding ways we can collaborate together!

Jennifer E. Bosco, EdD
Executive Director of Admissions

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