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Basic Sciences Department

Basis Sciences

Basic Sciences Department

The Basic Sciences Department serves to introduce our students to the building blocks of healthcare and the human body. Courses such as Biochemistry, Histology, Gross Anatomy, Neuroscience and Physiology develop an understanding of the human structure and function for our students, while courses such as Nutrition, Microbiology, Pathology and Toxicology build the foundation for our students to understand the repair, defense and development that can be experienced by the human system. The courses in this department provide the rich soil that allows our students to develop deep, strong roots which will give rise to a magnificent tree of clinical and philosophical knowledge.

Department Chair: Dr. David Straub

Dr. David Straub

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Dr. Straub earned his Bachelors’ of Science at California State University, East Bay. He went on to earn a Masters’ degree from East Bay as well in the combined discipline of Molecular Microbiology and Physiology. He attended LSU’s graduate program for a time to study Molecular Biology, and has served as a lab technician and CSI for Alameda County, a public health lab technician for the rabies lab and TB lab, and as a certification officer for the public health department. Dr. Straub has been employed at Life Chiropractic College West for 23 years in a variety of capacities, including faculty, laboratories manager and academic compliance officer.

Q + A with Dr. Straub

Q: Why do I have to take courses in the Basic Sciences Department?
A: These courses establish the foundation of your learning and foster an understanding of your more advanced classes.

Q: How will I be supported in my Basic Science courses?
A: Faculty provides in-depth learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. We also have student tutors who have gone through the courses and provide students with insight and extra support.

Q: Can I get credit for my basic science course work for another degree?
A: Yes, since we are WASC accredited our units can be used for other degrees.

Reporting Bodies to Officer of Academic Compliance

1. Manager, Academic Success Center – Tia Ruggles