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United Kingdom UCA Scholarships

UCA Scholarships

Life West Scholarships for United Kingdom Students

Life West offers two concurrent UCA scholarships. Scholarships are equal to 50% of tuition and are given to eligible chiropractic applicants from the United Kingdom to promote vitalistic chiropractic in the UK. The UCA scholarship can be combined with the international tutiion credt.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Requires United Kingdom citizenship and residency (exception: short stay aboard for educational purposes)
  • Provisional Acceptance (Life West Catalog & Handbook)
  • Must enroll in the 2020-2021 fiscal year (winter 2021 or spring 2021) or in the 2021-22 fiscal year (summer 2021, fall 2021, winter 2022 or spring 2022)
  • Essay (500 words) describing why you would like to be considered for this scholarship
  • Scholarship application form
  • Must agree to practice in the UK following graduation, equivalent to the length of study, and be an active member of the UCA (requires signed contract with UCA)

Essay Requirements

500 words describing why you would like to be considered for this scholarship.

Application Process

Submit online scholarship application with essay (describing why you would like to considered for this scholarship).

Submit the college’s admission application and achieve Provisional Acceptance by the posted deadlines. Please review the information regarding International Student Requirements.

Life West will review all submissions and forward eligible candidates to the UCA for their recommendation. The final selection will be made by Life West.

For questions regarding the scholarship application or process, contact Brenda Johnson, Financial Director/Scholarships.

For questions regarding the admissions process and your acceptance status, contact International Admissions Counselor Debbie Calero.


  • Application Deadline: 3 months prior to start term. All required documents must be submitted together to the financial aid office by this date. The Life West Scholarship committee will review/score the applicants.