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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jasmine Danh, DC

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  • Practices in Oakland and “Spine & Sports Institute” in Sunnyvale, California
  • Graduated from Life West in 2010
  • President, Alameda County California Chiropractic Association
  • Staff member, Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus

Winning the “Most Improved District of the Year” from CalChiro, California’s statewide chiropractic association, was certainly a high point this past year, says Dr. Jasmine Danh, DC, President of the Alameda County California Chiropractic Association. Leading up to the November 2019 announcement, she met with state leaders such as State Assemblymember Rob Bonta of District 18 and Assemblymember Evan Low of District 28.

Being nominated by CalChiro to be on the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners is also a personal high point, Dr. Jasmine says, calling it “a big turning point for me.”

The thread that ties it all together is a passion for service and love for chiropractic.

“My plan is to be an ambassador for chiropractic,” Dr. Jasmine said. “I realize what I’ve achieved, but with responsibility comes power. I’m a role model, I have a sense of responsibility to my colleagues and the public. People look up to me, and I’m a resource they can look to. I just feel like I will always be involved with chiropractic somehow.”

Dr. Jasmine did not start with chiropractic. She came to Life West as a transfer student, always knowing a career in health care was the direction she wanted to go. Family and friends had gone into fields like nursing, pharmaceuticals and other areas of health care, but not chiropractic. Dr. Jasmine, who describes herself as a curious person, followed paths through biology and other topics, graduating with a degree in environmental science and even trying out research work on the West Nile virus in Southern California.

Eventually she found her way to the Bay Area and had an interview with Life West. She remembers thinking, “This is my happy place. I liiiike Life West.”

Setting the stage

Dr. Jasmine said her work in the past year has helped to set the stage for the future, and not just at a personal level, or even a chiropractic level.

“As a political organization, I see how important it is to participate in small local events with local politicians like Rob Bonta, Evan Low, Jim Oddie (City of Alameda city council member) and Sara Lamnin (Hayward city council member). The connection with them helps set the platform for future bills,” she wrote in a chapter newsletter. “I hope all of our efforts will help get Governor Gavin Newsom to include us in the next health care plan in California.”

Dr. Jasmine sees herself working on public policy to push chiropractic. She’d like to be an ambassador for chiropractic, she said.

Her goal? “Just to continue to create change and move our profession forward,” she said.


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