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Attend the Life West Job Fair

The Life West Chiropractic Job Fair is coming in a week! This event matches practicing chiropractors with senior students who are graduating soon and will be looking for a job.

The Job Fair will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 8, in the Life West Gymnasium on the Hayward, California campus.

Life West students and chiropractors talk during a meetup in August at the Life West conference, The WAVE. The Job Fair will re-create those opportunities for students and chiropractors to chat, get to know each other, and potentially work together.

All Life West seniors are invited to attend the job fair. They will be joined by about 30 practicing chiropractors. What will they get out of it?

For DCs:

  • Meet students who have learned a variety of adjusting skills during an education that highlights the core values of Lasting Purpose.
  • Get to know these job candidates one on one in a comfortable and open environment.
  • Select the right DC to join your practice from a deep pool of senior chiropractic students.

For students:

  • Put yourself out there and see what opportunities are available, before you graduate.
  • Take your chance to ask questions and hear from licensed chiropractors.
  • Know where you’re going when you leave Life West.

Interested in attending? Please RSVP by Nov. 6 to ppeet@lifewest.edu or by calling (510) 780-4500 ext. 2240.

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