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Bay Area Chiropractic Basketball Classic

On August 15th Life West hosted the Third Bay Area Chiropractic Basketball Classic featuring the student teams of Life West vs Palmer West.

The student body met up before the game on the grassy knoll for a BBQ and fellowship. There was food and music for everyone, as well as a chance for networking between students, staff, faculty and area doctors.

Following the BBQ, the fans made their way to the IMPAC zone for the big game. The new bleachers were filled with over 150 fans. The new basketball hoops and stadium seating set the tone for a serious basketball game and the fans were completely thrilled.

The Life West fans showed up big, with a large cheering section resplendent in the Life West colors of green and gold. The home crowd made a lot of noise in support of their team with horns, whistles and cheer clappers.

The game ended with a big Life West win with 75 points to Palmer West’s 47 points. The crowd rushed the floor after the final buzzer to celebrate the victory as a group. After the celebration calmed down, Life West president, Dr. Brian Kelly presented the trophy to the team.

We’d like to offer a big thank you to the Activity and Athletics Coordinators for organizing the event, and to all the fans who made it such a great night. Be sure to come and join us for the next Bay Area Basketball Classic!

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