Where are you from and when will you graduate?

I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I will be graduating in June of 2019. Where do you want to practice and why? Ideally I’d like to go back to Toronto, but not right away. First I’d like to experience more of the opportunities and the culture that California has to offer.

What was your first experience with chiropractic?

I was introduced to the idea of chiropractic two years ago but my first experience with chiropractic was in January of 2016 at the Sant Nirinkari Mission in India. I grew up in the Sant Nirinkari Mission in Toronto and that is where I met a chiropractor who encouraged me to serve as a translator for Life West in the chiropractic tent in the India service trip. I had never seen chiropractors adjust until I was thrown into this whirlwind of service. It was non-stop. As I translated, I was hearing terminology I had never heard before. Chiropractors around me were asking questions that I had never even heard medical doctors ask! I also received my first chiropractic adjustment there.

What made you decide to become a chiropractor?

Before going on the service trip I already felt chiropractic aligned with my values and ideals. After seeing the applied philosophy of chiropractic, what an actual adjustment looked like, what it entailed and for what purpose it was done, I was sure I wanted to be a chiropractor.

Were you mentored prior to starting at Life West?

The Sant Nirinkari Mission really was my mentor. The philosophy of the mission comes down to getting rid of your vices and being able to connect with the supreme soul at the highest level. To me this completely resonates with chiropractic — because what we are focusing on is removing all the interferences from our body so it can perform at its highest level.

I also had a chiropractic mentor who led to me to the right resources so that I could find out what chiropractic was for me. This experience allowed me to discover what I wanted from my profession and allowed me to understand what I can give back.

Why did you become a Student Champion?

When I was looking into Life West, one of the first pages I explored on the website was the Student Champions page. The Student Champs became my silent support system. Reading through their profiles and stories gave me faith and courage to believe that I myself could succeed in this path. Even though I never met or spoke to any of the Student Champions, I knew help and support was there. That experience for me made me want to be a Student Champion — a symbol of steady and (in my case) unspoken support.

What has been your favorite moment in chiropractic school so far?

I love piecing everything together! You know that big “aha” moment when you are able to put together content from multiple classes? It’s hard to understand when they say “everything comes together”, but it really does!

What has been your most challenging moment in chiropractic school so far?

I struggle in trusting what I know. There is so much we learn on a day to day basis and at times it feels like remembering everything is impossible, but I had to teach myself to have faith in the time I’ve spent studying.

Use one word to describe your chiropractic journey so far.