"When I really search for the reason why I want to become a chiropractor, I realize that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to become a chiropractor!"

I remember the very moment I knew that I would become a chiropractor. I was at Dr. Brett Jones ’13 practice. It was a beautiful day and there was a steady flow of practice members. Each person was there to be connected to their higher purpose and to experience a welcoming community. No matter how busy he was, Brett gave each person his full attention. He was smiling and laughing and enjoying every moment of it. He was in the zone. And he was happy! He was serving others and loving to serve others.

It was as if Brett could read the subtitle in my mind — which read, “I want to find THAT sense of purpose for myself.” He grabbed a book with D.D. Palmer’s name on it, and flipped to a story titled, That Something. When he handed me that book, I knew that what I was about to learn was going to be important. All he said was, “this is my favorite story.”

I went out on his back patio to sit with silence in the garden. It was sunny outside, and with the cool breeze on my face, I devoured every word of that story. The man in the story started out completely lost, like I had been. Then that man found that something — something which cannot be put into precise words.

That something, once acquired, guides you to live a meaningful life of purpose. I realized that I had been looking for that something too. That something keeps me up late at night and gets me out of bed early in the morning. That something gives me a sense of purpose, and guides me every day in each moment. It tells me how to be, how to treat other people, how to live in the present, and how to serve others in my community.

That something is the place where you no longer question whether what you’re doing is right or not. It just is. And it just is exactly what it needs to be, because you are what you need to be just by being you.

It took 29 years of my life to find chiropractic as my higher purpose, my calling. It took 29 years, but ever since I found it I’ve been set on a focused laser beam path that speaks to my authentic purpose.

My focus has shifted from myself to other people. I want to help people become the most awesome version of themselves that they possibly can become! I want everybody to spring out of bed, greet the sun, and pinch themselves at how amazing their life has become — just to make sure they’re actually awake!

I want to live with that something. That same something allowed me to meet Dr. Fred Schofield who was unable to refrain from screaming into my soul, “You couldn’t have stumbled into a better room!” at my first Champions Weekend at Life West. Dr. Fred is so excited about what he does and who he has become, it is contagious.

That same something consistently brings amazing people into my life. That same something kept poking me to consider chiropractic. That same something has sent me on tangents looking for my truth.

When I really search for the reason why I want to become a chiropractor, I realize that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to become a chiropractor! I want to work hard, love deeply, realize my full potential, go beyond that full potential, and assist others to come along with me.

What better way to connect others to their higher purpose than chiropractic? The best way to find connection is to start with the body, and the function of the mind and the nervous system. This is exactly what chiropractic does. A chiropractor helps others to feel. A chiropractor promotes a healthy lifestyle for others to optimize their mind and body connection. A chiropractor helps others to connect to their higher purpose, and to live in alignment with their values!

My something is still screaming, this time with excitement for being on its laser focused track to help and serve others, and to love the entire process along the journey.

I am ready to become the person I need to be, in order to do the things I need to do. And I’m even more empowered for finding my “why,” my something, that will guide me on my journey.