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Become a part of the Life West community

Life West Career Night with Dr. Paul Reed
Dr. Paul Reed, center in the blue shirt, hosts a Life West Career Night.

Growing the Life West community

Life Chiropractic College West is making exciting new changes in the way prospective students are introduced to the Life West community, as well as broadening Life West’s strategy and vision for recruitment, admissions and enrollment.

DC Ambassadors program

Dr. Jennifer Bosco

Executive Director of Admissions Jennifer Bosco, EdD

The longtime Life West Mentor Program, filled with alumni and friends who act as mentors to Life West’s prospective and current students, is now called the DC Ambassadors program. Life West is changing the name to honor the spirit of the work that our alumni and friends do to spread their love of and experiences with chiropractic to their communities, says Dr. Jennifer Bosco, Executive Director of Admissions.

DC Ambassadors support chiropractic recruitment by identifying people who would make great chiropractors and ensuring they get connected to the admissions team at Life West. DC Ambassadors work closely with Life West’s Enrollment department to collaborate and support future chiropractors as they go through the enrollment process.

The program is part of an ongoing effort to build up and expand chiropractic education, and Dr. Bosco says we should all be a part of that conversation.

She’s thinking about how Life West can connect with more schools as well, and making sure that chiropractic and Life West is part of their agenda. This expanded approach puts a spotlight on creating partnerships wherever we go.

“Every single one of us who works here is a recruiter for Life West,” she added.

Among the best recruiters are those members of the DC Ambassadors program, who often identify prospective students from among their own communities. They talk freely about what chiropractic is, how it can change your life and empower you to bring change to the lives of others, and they may often point those who are beginning a career or even considering how best to pivot in their career toward Life West and its programs.

“We are really wanting to engage our DC partners, alumni and friends,” Dr. Bosco said. “Their work is so important and vital to expanding chiropractic care and bringing students into chiropractic education. Their work with students makes a difference in student lives, and that’s something that doesn’t go away. They have such an influence, and because they are professionals, people look up to them. Students want to talk to and learn from people who have been there before, so the ambassador component is a critical piece to how Admissions does their work and how Life West grows.”

“We couldn’t do this without you! We wouldn’t be successful without you!”

What does a DC Ambassador do?

Ways to participate

  • Refer students to Life West
  • Host a Career Night in your office
  • Offer shadowing experiences or a preceptorship in your office
  • Speak with an interested student
  • Speak at Champions Discovery Weekend
  • Call a recently accepted student with a congratulatory message
  • Give a career talk or presentation at a local college/university

DC Ambassador minimum requirements

  • Refer five (5) students to Life West admissions annually
  • Host an event in your office or at a local college/university or participate in Champions Discovery Weekend
  • Be available to speak with prospective students throughout the year

What do you get out of it?

  • Stay connected to the Life West community
  • Share your love of chiropractic care with others
  • Earn CE credits when you participate in DC Ambassador Appreciation Day
  • Receive a discount on your tickets for the WAVE, Life West’s annual chiropractic conference in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Tell your story in Life West articles and videos as you help create a brighter future for humanity
  • Highlight your own practice online when you host Life West Career Nights



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