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At Life West, community is something you can see – and feel – with a sense of warmth and belonging. But this value transcends the Life West campus. Our larger mission is to support the health of the global community through chiropractic practice.



Life West helps students to recognize their unique potential. In addition to empowering them as practitioners, we empower them as people through community, support and love.



At Life West we celebrate our unique strengths. We know who we are what we stand for and we always strive to be the best version of ourselves. We have the self-awareness to recognize our flaws and the humbleness to seek truth from others.



We are committed to building a lifestyle that will benefit our children and our children’s children. We do this by offering a sustainable approach to health, lifestyle, economics and relationships. Life West optimizes the present while looking into the future. We ask the questions that will allow us to build a future we would want to live in.

Life Chiropractic College West’s unique logo is the core element in our brand identity system and the traditional graphic device to be used to signify the college. Whenever and wherever this logo is used, it must remain consistent with the guidelines described here. The logo’s relative size, positioning and color treatment are governed by rules designed to maintain the brand’s consistent identity. It cannot be accurately reproduced with any typeface, or be hand drawn, scanned or modified. The logo must be reproduced from electronic originals.


The traditional horizontal logo works well when available space is an issue, and allows the college to be clearly signified without compromising legibility.


Life Chiropractic College West’s tagline, Express your potential, captures the spirit and personality of the college. The tagline is graphically interlocked with the logo for use in various o cial media.


The shield could be used as a design element in a layout if the college stacked or horizontal logo is used elsewhere in the design or the logotype is used as shown below.


The Life West Health Center logo is used in place of the Life Chiropractic College West logo whenever the Health Center is represented as a stand alone.



This logo would be used to represent the casual “Life West” brand within Life Chiropractic College West. The “Casual logo” is used in specific situations where we choose to simplify the brand either for internal audiences or for situations which are less formal. This logo should only be used after consulting with the creative team.



To help ensure that all of our visual communications are consistent, the Life Chiropractic College West brand rests on a specific typography family. Like colors and imagery, fonts play an important role in the visual aspects of a brand.


Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity. Colors have been selected that reflect our core values. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive brand. The Life Chiropractic College West color palette has two layers: a primary institutional palette and a secondary campaign palette.