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Business Institute sets Life West students on the path to success

A Life West student talks with a representative from San Francisco office Healthy Life Chiropractic during a recent Life West job fair.

The Life Chiropractic College West curriculum is based on a three-year program—it’s an in-depth academic and clinical program that keeps students busily occupied from day one, leaving only so much time to consider that career post-graduation. But those three years pass by quickly, so it’s never too early to start contemplating the future.

Life Chiropractic College West is not only invested in your education, we’re also invested in you and your future goals. Among the many benefits that set this campus apart from other chiropractic colleges is the new Business Institute. Headed up by Alumni Relations Director Dr. Palmer Peet, a chiropractic professional with more than 36 years of experience, the Business Institute was developed to prepare Life West students to be “practice ready” upon graduation.

Using a dual-pronged approach, the Business Institute program offers a robust curriculum of business-related classes. Then, through the Life West Career Services program, students are provided with one-on-one counseling in areas such as:

·         Goal-setting

·         Mentor meet-ups

·         Job postings

·         Job fairs

·         Resume writing

·         Interviewing skills

·         Associateships

·         Practice purchasing

·         Independent contractors

·         Contract review

·         Opening an office

·         Office location services

·         Licensing

·         Branding

·         Office website

·         Malpractice insurance

·         Equipment lease vs. purchase

·         Billing software

·         EHR software

·         And more!

Life West’s Business Institute and Career Services also host several free brown-bag lunch gatherings during each quarter, featuring live-streamed lectures by top-of-their-field DCs discussing practice preparedness and business-related topics, with online or on-campus access to recordings available anytime via Canvas.

All of the services provided by Life West’s Business Institute and Career Services are intended to ensure each student has a better understanding of how to run a successful chiropractic practice from a business aspect. These services don’t end with graduation—the programs are structured to follow Life West alumni through their career and assist as needed.

To learn more about the Business Institute, contact Dr. Peet via email at ppeet@lifewest.edu or drop by his office in room 102I. He can provide a full list of business-instructive classes and helpful services that can set students and alumni on the path to success.

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