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CE partnership in sports seminars ups the game for chiropractors

Life Chiropractic College West’s Continuing Education (CE) program is announcing that Life West is now working with Titleist Performance Institute (golf), OnBaseU and RacquetFit to deliver sponsored seminars that, for the first time, allow chiropractors to earn their CE hours through these seminars.

Laurie Isenberg, director of the Life West CE program, says the partnership is a fantastic addition to the offerings Life West has for chiropractors. Certification has been available to other health care professionals, but earning Continuing Education credit is new for chiropractors, although they could still take the seminars without earning credit. “Chiropractors should be getting this certification too,” she said. “This allows chiropractors to become specialists in these areas.”


Chiropractors, Isenberg said, can become specialists in treating golfers, baseball and softball players, and tennis players if they understand intimately what’s going on with the body when a player swings a club, a bat or a racquet, what makes a player prone to injury or what is blocking a better performance, and how to help create a better athlete with the appropriate treatment or adjustment.

The in-person seminars through Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), RacquetFit and OnBaseU are offered all over the world. They cover the physiology of particular movements in golf, racquet sports such as tennis, and softball and baseball.

Sean Drake, DC, is a Performance Director at TPI and Vice President of RacquetFit. He’s also a former director of the Sports Performance Institute (SPI) at Life West, and his history with Life West helped spark the collaborative relationship between the three organizations and Life West CE.

“It’s exciting that now the chiropractor can get CE for a program that looks at sports performance instead of just focusing on injuries, while growing their practice with a passion around sports,” Dr. Drake said.

“The TPI, RacquetFit and OnBaseU seminars give chiropractor an edge for performance and care for the golf, tennis, and baseball/softball athletes,” he said. “In the two-day seminars, they will learn a sport-specific screen to find physical limitations that might be affecting the athlete, understand the most up-to-date technology around the sport, and learn to speak the language with the coaches and professionals in that sport.”

Dr. Drake added, “The best-of-the-best athletes around the world have a team around them including a coach, fitness, and health care professionals. We call this the team approach. These certifications will provide the information for chiropractors to become experts in their community and fill that role for the team approach around the athlete in that sport.”

Isenberg said the seminars look at the physiology of a particular movement. The Titleist Performance Institute (Golf) Level 1 certification, for example, teaches attendees about the physical dynamics of the golf swing. Coaches, trainers and health care professionals together can examine the golf swing to maximize performance, care for an injury and plan rehabilitation.

Every one of these courses has a chiropractor as an instructor, Isenberg said, so the seminars are taught from a chiropractic mindset.

“With the ability to hang Titleist, RacquetFit and OnBaseU certifications in their office, this now gives the chiropractor credibility and opens doors to the community and coaches who know and trust the brand of these organizations,” Dr. Drake said.

For a look at the courses Life West is sponsoring and to register, head to the Sponsored Seminars section of the Continuing Education website.

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