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Creating a Legacy through Life West Mentors

Dr. Douglas DiSiena is no stranger to the empowering effects of chiropractic care. In high school, Dr. DiSiena was diagnosed with asthma and later re-diagnosed with reactive airways dysfunction syndrome. He spent the next two years medicated by day and struggling to breathe at night. This debilitating cycle continued until a friend invited him to work out at a gym that was owned by a chiropractor, Dr. Dan Howard. Coupled with his gym membership was a coupon for a free spinal examination which, at first, he ignored. But after discovering that Dr. Howard worked out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. DiSiena’s interest in chiropractic piqued so he decided to give it a try.

Dr. DiSiena describes his experience, “Within six weeks of care I had better breathing and for the first time in two years I slept without having to call my dad into the room. As I lay on the adjusting table, I couldn’t believe I was actually taking full, deep breaths. On the table, I felt I heard the voice of God saying ‘You are going to help those who have lost hope, through chiropractic.’

Dr. DiSiena graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1984. After 33 years of practice, he is now thinking about where the future is going to be. “I’m about the bigger picture and what a legacy is going to mean. There is no greater legacy than to inspire other chiropractors to be better healers, better mentors, and to expand chiropractic — much more than I could possibly do alone.” Dr. DiSiena attended his first Champions Weekend in May of 2017 and describes it with passion. “It was ‘amazeballz’! I love the enthusiasm of the next generation. They want to pick a path that’s different. And I love that they are inspired to find their purpose.”

Dr. DiSiena serves as a mentor for the next generation of chiropractors through the Life West Mentors program. The closure of Cleveland reinvigorated his intention to make sure that Life West grows and is sustainable. He knows that when a chiropractor is first in practice, it is natural to focus inward. But chiropractic is ultimately about seeing a greater purpose. Our purpose is not one we can do on our own. When we mentor — we see that we can exponentially serve more people by inspiring others to find their purpose. Dr. DiSiena believes it is our responsibility to share the idea of becoming a chiropractor with our patients. He has had several patients grow up in his practice who are now entering chiropractic school.

Dr. DiSiena encourages other chiropractors to come to a Champions Weekend to check out the program and get connected. “Champions Weekend is like being around kids during Christmas time. You catch that excitement from seeing their excitement. You also realize there is a bigger purpose than what you normally see in your office. It gets you motivated to talk to your patients. As I’m adjusting people I’m always looking for that person who I know will make a great chiropractor. They’ll give me clues like, ‘My job is not fulfilling.’ I’m intentional about looking for people who I think have the potential to be a chiropracTOR.”

Dr. DiSiena encourages other chiropractors to become proactive mentors, “Be intentional about mentorship. If you feel passionate about chiropractic you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. You should be looking for people who can carry the torch. If you have lost touch with your passion you should go to Champions Weekend or The WAVE so you can reignite the passion. If you do have the passion, you should go anyway!”



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