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Dr. Robert Martines: A Life West Mentor Doc

Dr. Robert Martines has practiced in Campbell, California for 27 years. He has served as a mentor to the chiropractic community in many roles — as President of the Santa Clara Chiropractic Society, as a local lobbyist for the California Chiropractic Association and as a national lobbyist for the World Congress of Chiropractic and the International Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Martines is also an active mentor and preceptor doctor for more than 30 chiropractic externs from Palmer West (his alma mater) and Life West. “I want to ensure future generations of chiropractic doctors propel our great profession to the top of the healthcare field,” explains Dr. Martines.

Mentor doctors find many different ways to connect with future chiropractors. Dr. Martines has discovered that health and career fairs at local high schools and colleges are his preferred ways to serve as a Life West Mentor. While fairs are an easy way to connect with the chiropractic-curious, his favorite way to mentor future chiropractors is in “real time practice at my office — going over various approaches of care that integrate chiropractic principles. I like to have them actively participating in authentic patient interactions that bring about connection and motivation for patients.”

What are the key principles that he shares with his mentees?

“The art and science of authentic patient interactions is where the rubber meets the road in clinical practice. To truly be an effective doctor, a critical principle of practice is unconditional, loving compassion. Patients do not care how much you know until they feel how much you care.”

Looking for ways to shape the future of chiropractic? Check out the mentor doctor resource page at www.lifewest.edu/become-a-mentor to see the many ways you can get involved and to request prospective student materials for your office.

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