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Dr. Ron Oberstein Named Chair of Board of Regents

* Photo by Preston Merchant

The Board of Regents, the12-member governing body for Life Chiropractic College West, recently elected Dr. Ron Oberstein to a two-year term as the board’s Chair. Dr. Oberstein has been a member of the college’s Board of Regents since 1991 and served as the Chair of the Enrollment Committee for the past five years.

Dr. Oberstein graduated from Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) in 1981 and since has had private practices in both Boston and San Diego. He has provided care for elite athletes, celebrities, and heads of state. With an emphasis on family care, he sees patients of all ages, helping them achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Oberstein lectures at venues worldwide on the scientific validation of chiropractic and the safety and effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment along with the vitalistic force that resides within the body. He and his wife of 27 years, Dr. Mary Oberstein, started Hands for Life, a non-profit organization delivering chiropractic care globally to children and adults in need with a focus in Tijuana, Mexico. He is the past Vice President of the International Chiropractors Association and provides support to other non-profit organizations within the chiropractic profession.

Along with his role as chair at Life West, Dr. Oberstein is excited to see the vision of the college unfold and help lead the way to a vitalistic future. “Working alongside Dr. Brian Kelly, one of the brightest visionaries in chiropractic, I can only see many great things ahead for Life West and chiropractic,” shared Dr. Oberstein.

Dr. Oberstein is replacing Dr. Joseph Awender II, who resigned as chair in August. “As the former Chair of the Board of Regents, Dr. Awender brought a passion for the profession and his alma mater along with insight from an alumnus perspective. Dr. Awender will continue on the Board of Regents to provide the same dedication to Life West as he does towards chiropractic and contribute his extensive experience as a Life West Board member,” said Dr. Oberstein.

Dr. Ron Oberstein resides in San Diego and has three daughters. All three of Dr. Ron’s and Mary’s daughters have either completed or are currently studying to be doctors of chiropractic.

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