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February CE: Take 2-day courses on adjusting, gait or compliance

A trio of two-day programs will headline Life West’s CE offerings in the month of February. The slate allows attendees to earn all of their required live hours in a single weekend, including Category A Technique/Exam/Billing hours and Ethics hours.

Life West’s CE courses in February are as follows:

Ethan Feldman, DC

Adjust Without a Thrust: Keys to Removing Subluxations Through Comfort

  • Saturday, Feb. 15 – Sunday, Feb. 16
  • Ethan Feldman, DC
  • 12 CE hours, including 4+ Category A Technique

Chiropractors will learn more about alternate approaches to adjusting that cater to patients and doctors whose needs include softer methods of care. Dr. Feldman, a graduate of Life West, will explain the anatomy and kinesiology of the muscle joint complex, as well as how certain techniques can be enhanced by switching off a patient’s aberrant reflexes.

Kevin Hearon, DC

Advanced Principles of Foot, Gait and Orthotics (CCEP 4)

  • Saturday, Feb. 22 – Sunday, Feb. 23
  • Kevin Hearon, DC, CCEP
  • 15 CE hours, including 4 Category A Exam

The fourth of seven installments in the Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner seminar series will teach attendees how the kinetic chain of motion is affected by dysfunctions of the foot. Dr. Hearon will also explain how to prescribe shoes or orthotics to improve a patient’s gait or enhance one’s postural chain.

Dr. Mario Fucinari

Health Care Updates for the Chiropractic Office

  • Saturday, Feb. 22 – Sunday, Feb. 23
  • Mario Fucinari, DC, CCSP, CPCO, MCS-P
  • 12 CE hours, including 2 Category A Ethics, 10 Category A Billing/Exam/Technique

With health care regulations being tweaked every year, chiropractors must remain informed on how changes within the system could impact their practices. Dr. Fucinari will explain recent major legislative happenings, as well as the responsibilities professionals have to provide proper documentation and remain in compliance with federal and state regulations. This is an excellent way for old and new chiropractors to ensure they remain in compliance, as well as an opportunity to bring CAs and educate an entire office.

About Life West CE

Continuing education is a critical part of any practicing chiropractor’s career. The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires 24 hours of continuing education to retain an active license, 12 of which must be completed via in-person training. Life West offers exceptional continuing education classes for chiropractors on convenient CE Saturdays, allowing busy clinicians to fulfill a large chunk of their live hours in one day. Stay current with mandated licensing requirements as you hone existing skills and learn about new and developing methodologies.

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