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Champions Weekend is for the Doctors Too

Brandon Roberts graduated from Life West in the fall of 2001 and set up his practice in Antioch, CA. In 2012 Life West founded a new program, the Life West Mentors program. The timing could not have been more perfect for Brandon. His practice was strong and steady and he was ready to get more involved in the profession.

Brandon signed up to become a Life West Mentor, even though he was not exactly sure what that meant. He came to his first Champions Weekend because a colleague in his area told him that it was a great program and that he needed to just go and see it for himself. He thought he would probably get a tour of the facilities, get some questions answered, hear some updates about the campus and maybe get a chance to interact with prospective students attending the student portion of the weekend. He was amazed by what actually happened.

The thing that surprised him was the level of inspiration, attention to detail (the right details) and high-level chiropractic content that the students and doctors were exposed to within the program. He saw the unique and safe environment that was deliberately created to help prospective students (and their guests) to get out of their comfort zone and to learn and experience something new to them.

In the past three years, Brandon has been to seven Champions Weekends. Sometimes he just comes to the Saturday session so he can participate as a mentor and enjoy benefits and buzz of his favorite part of the weekend. Saturday morning is a combination of low ropes course activities, leadership training and personal coaching. Both the prospective students and the doctors participate and there is something for every level of personal growth. This approach really works.

“I keep coming back because I can. I get to see the prospects become students and have even seen a couple become Student Champions. It’s fun to be back on campus and feel the energy from the students. I also benefit from meeting other mentor doctors and collaborating to grow and shape this profession and this school. Selfishly, it’s a great experience to mentor and present to a group (now usually over 100) and talk about yourself and your experience being a chiropractor. I learn when I hear others do the same and I grow by experiencing their speaking styles and abilities.”

Brandon joined the program and came to the Champions Weekend because he wanted to give back and offer support. What he has received is far beyond anything he expected. He says that since getting involved with Champions, his practice has grown. His confidence has grown. His abilities and communication skills have grown. And his patients see him showing leadership and they think it is cool that he is involved in his profession and building a future for chiropractic.
As a result of his involvement with the Mentors program Brandon has begun working with a local medical high school doing career talks and mentoring. The Champions program gave him all the materials he needed, a power point presentation and the training so that he feels ready to extend himself this way. Brandon has found that the more he gets involved and extends himself, the more he gets back.

Brandon exemplifies the spirit and purpose of the Mentors Program. The Life West Mentors Program is for any chiropractor who wants to collaborate to build the future of the profession. We welcome alumni and non-alumni alike. In fact, our Mentor doctors roster has more non-alumni than alumni.

Brandon would like to leave you with these final thoughts about the Mentors program. “It’s time for us all to step into some new roles and find more ways to collaborate. Just find a way to get involved. The Mentors program is an excellent way to do it. Join today if you are not already registered as a Life West Mentor Doctor. Come to a Champions Weekend if you have not been to one yet. It will far exceed your expectations. You will experience an inspiring and rewarding weekend that will help you excel. And the food is always amazing!”

Want to know more about the Life West Mentors Program? Check out the website: www.lifewest.edu/become-a-mentor/.

Champions Weekends occur four times per year. You can find a Champions Weekend every January, April, July and October on the Life West campus.

Register yourself or a prospective student for a Champions Weekend at www.lifewestchampions.com

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