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Have-a-Heart Walkathon raises $2,000 for Oklahaven

The Life West community put on their walking shoes earlier this month to raise money for a chiropractic effort. Students, faculty and staff participated in the school’s first Have-a-Heart Walkathon in early February, raising thousands for the Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center.

The walkathon took place on Friday, Feb. 7, immediately after the college’s weekly Friday seminar. Walkers pledged donations and found sponsors to support the cause before taking several loops around the Hayward campus perimeter.

Direct contributions from walkathon participants and sponsors totaled $1,000, according to Student Life Manager Dani Lorta. In addition, the Life West Student Council has pledged an additional $1,000 to the cause.

“Children are part of my target market for when I get into practice,” new Student Council president Ashley Gonzales said during the event. “Getting to serve this population of children is really special to my heart.”

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center has provided chiropractic care to sick and disabled children for 58 years. The center uses chiropractic to provide care to children with a variety of issues, including nursing difficulties, colic, earaches, failure to thrive, developmental delays, asthma, arthritis, ADD, ADHD and cerebral palsy, among other ailments.

“When you start working with children, that’s when it really clicks,” said Life West philosophy department chair Ankur Tayal, DC. “It’s amazing that we get to do this and get to help a bunch of kids.”

For more information about Oklahaven and the services it provides, visit the center’s website.

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