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Help someone find a career they’ll love: Point them toward chiropractic!

Choosing a career in chiropractic

What do you say to someone who is looking to radically change their path in life, or still searching for that path?

If you come from the chiropractic world, you could start with: “Have you thought about being a chiropractor?”

As Life West steps up its commitment to creating a brighter future for humanity through chiropractic, we invite our alumni, friends of chiropractic, and those who share Life West’s mission to share chiropractic with the world to join us in recruiting the next generation of chiropractors, and the generation after that.

Life West is planning Career Nights, working with educators at partner schools, hosting job fairs, arranging preceptorships and building relationships around the world to ensure that our mission is enduring and fruitful.

How can you help?

Our approach here at Life West is a little different. When we are talking about a career path, the conversation doesn’t need to be all about science and chiropractic. Life West recruiter Aaron Sanchez often asks these 5 questions to get the conversation started.

  1. What is the purpose or vision behind your profession?

You need to figure out the “why” behind the “what.”

  1. What is the earning potential of your career?

Students or potential students may have an idea about the growth of different professions and what they earn, but practicing chiropractors can offer real-world insight into what to expect.

  1. What is the culture of your profession?

This is an easy one to talk to students about, Sanchez says. The culture can be intense and scary for students in the medical profession since the focus is often on what’s wrong or whether someone is contagious. In chiropractic, the focus is on wellness and health. People are often happy to see their chiropractor because they know they’re going to walk away feeling better. That’s an opportunity to start a conversation about finding a more fulfilling career.

  1. What is the quality of life like in this profession?

Chiropractors have the best work/life balance of any profession, Sanchez says. They can work 20 hours a week and still do well financially. You can work 6 hours a day or all day, every day. You decide.

  1. How do you want to use your degree when you graduate?

Chiropractic offers many options. You can own your own practice, or you can work as an associate or contractor in another office.

You can also go into research and teaching. Many of our recent Life West graduates have come back to teach, or practice a few days a week then teach as well.

You can also create a specialty in your practice, such as pediatrics or sports performance.

10 reasons to be a DC

#1: Chiropractors change lives

#2: Chiropractors are in demand

#3: Chiropractors are their own bosses

#4: Chiropractic care presents another path to traditional health care

#5: Chiropractors work closely with patients on their health care needs

#6: Chiropractors meet new people on a daily basis

#7: Chiropractic offers opportunities to embrace your passions

#8: Chiropractors have extensive opportunities to pay it forward

#9: Chiropractors get their degrees without accruing as much debt as other health care practitioners

#10: Being a chiropractor is lucrative!





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