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Inspiration from the profession from the earliest days



Though the Wave is our most recent program to provide students with opportunities to listen, learn and interact with alumni and other notable speakers in the profession, Life West has always tapped the vision, inspiration and knowledge of the profession for its students.

In the early 1980s the Friday Seminar began what has become an unbroken tradition through today. These earliest seminars were held in the auditorium of the Via Barrett campus. Students were required to attend seven of the ten one-hour programs offered. Speakers and topics expanded students’ knowledge and awareness of the impact of chiropractic care through the eyes of practicing alumni and guest speakers.

The 1980s also gave rise to a wide array of campus clubs, the quarterly Activities Fair and annual celebrations such as Founders Day and the Sleigh Bells Dash, all of which added a casual and festive social element to the demands and rigor of the educational program.

In 1991, the college expanded its weekly Friday Seminar speaker program to include a day-long event called Spring for Life. It consisted of a morning speakers program followed by a picnic lunch and interactive games for the whole Life West community.

In the fall of 1992, SPA Day (Science, Philosophy and Art) was created as an annual event featuring a variety of speakers and campus activities to enhance community spirit. Vendors were invited to provide students with an opportunity to learn about products complimentary to chiropractic services. The program featured headliner speakers in the auditorium in the morning followed by break-out sessions throughout the campus in the afternoon.

In 2000, when the campus relocated to 25001 Industrial Blvd., Hayward, both Spring for Life and SPA Day continued as annual events. Prior to construction of the Standard Process Assembly Hall (SPAH) and gymnasium in 2015, speakers gave their presentations in room 150 with remote broadcast to four additional lecture rooms.

All these programs provided enormous benefit to students by bringing them the first hand experience of alumni and other inspirational speakers who shared the qualities of Lasting-Purpose to Give, to Do, to Love and to Serve from one’s own place of abundance.

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