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International Scholarships Available at Life West

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International Scholarship Opportunities at Life West

Life West is delighted to be able to offer a variety of scholarships. Scholarships are a great way to minimize debt load while maximizing the value of your education. Life West maintains a list of several incoming student scholarships to assist international and local students in their pursuit of a chiropractic degree. In addition to those scholarships, Life West also offers a generous tuition credit for international students.

“I am excited that we have this opportunity to provide funding for future chiropractors from other countries which are underrepresented in the chiropractic field and for students who may not be able to attend without assistance.” Debbie Calero, Admissions Representative-International Advisor

Bringing international students to Life West creates an amazing opportunity for the individual student and it also enriches the student body by creating more diversity in the classroom and in those who will provide chiropractic services to the community. Programs like this produce a global effect to spread chiropractic.

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