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On any given Thursday night you can find upwards of a dozen Life West students and staff; Dr. Deschamps; competing in the city’s softball league at the Pepsi Fields near school. We’re not the most experienced ball players, but we’re young, healthy and most importantly well-adjusted, and we can hang with the best of ’em!

There are softball and baseball trophies floating around campus that date back as far as the early 90s. Its Americas favorite pastime and a quiet tradition in this school. With a surge of heart and effort at the end of last season, we went undefeated in the final tournament. The current winter season is important in that it marks the first time (to my knowledge) that we will be fully sponsored by Life West.

The Fall season champs opened the Winter season campaign with a 10-3 win scoring 7 runs in the last inning to pull out the victory after a low-scoring start.

October 24: Life West Softball Wins 13-2!

The team plays every Thursday night at the Pepsi Fields in South Hayward off Hesperian Blvd.

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