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Letter from new Alumni Association President, Dr. Ankur Tayal

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the President of the Life West Alumni Association. As both a 10-year alumnus and the Life West Philosophy Department Chair at the college, I am pleased and excited to serve you, the alumni, in whatever capacity I can.

At a fundamental level, we are the “Life West Family.” I just recently spent a weekend in San Diego, and that sentiment was reinforced when I was able to spend time with not only some of my fellow graduates, but also some of my students who have recently graduated. I loved – so much – being able to sit together and discuss chiropractic philosophy and how it can be applied in practice for better patient results. The overwhelming feeling was that they wanted more:   More gatherings. More discussions. More family. More Life West!

When I meet with alumni, they seem to tell me that they want the same things:

1)     They want access to more (and cheaper) CE.

2)     They want help in practice-building systems and success.

3)     They want the school to thrive and be sustainable.

During the next term, the Alumni Board wants to rebuild our organization with a focus on these three things. We look forward to working with you wherever possible. If you need something from us or would like to help contribute, please feel free to drop me a line at atayal@lifewest.edu.


Ankur Tayal, DC
Alumni Association President



Dr. Katie Schlein, San Diego, California

Dr. Julia Pinkerton – Austin, Texas

Dr. Joe Ibe – San Mateo, California

Dr. Jeremy Steel – Moraga, California

Dr. Skylar Gemmer – Kent, Washington

Dr. Eric McKillican – Sacramento, California

Dr. Brandon Roberts – Antioch, California

Dr. Tom Oliver – Stockton, California

Dr. Ken Moger – Sacramento, California


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