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Life West Board of Regents member Tom Fritz passes


It is with sadness that I inform you of the sudden passing of Life West Board member, Mr. Tom Fritz of Spokane, Washington.

Mr. Fritz passed away during a fishing trip at Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho on Monday.

He joined the Board in August 2014 after attending the WAVE last year, and was introduced to Life West by fellow Board member, Mr. John Layman. He was active on the Executive, Finance, Audit, and Facilities Committees of the Life West Board. He was on campus only last week on Board business, serving to assist the College.

Mr. Fritz had recently retired from his position as CEO of Inland Northwest Health Services. Serving on the Life West Board of Regents was one of the activities he was participating in with his new free time. Chiropractic colleges have always had input and service from people outside the profession, and Tom continued that tradition and served in that capacity.

He had spent his life working with public healthcare, and it was his love of helping others in the health community that brought him to our College.

Board of Regents Chairman Dr. Joseph Awender said, “Tom made a significant contribution to the Board and Life West. We will miss Tom’s leadership, wisdom, but most of all, his friendship.”

Tom is survived by his wife Ann, son Alex (27), and his mom Irene. He will be missed.

Dr. Brian Kelly

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