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Life West chiropractic clinic in India flourishes

A partnership with a mission in India means Life Chiropractic College West has opened an international clinic.

Drs. McGonigle, Garcia, Knopf and Donaldson in India.

The Oneness Chiropractic Clinic opened July 24, said Scott Donaldson, DC, Vice President of Clinical Operations. He’s been overseeing the India clinic, which opened with new Life West graduates Dr. Rachel Knopf and Dr. Hector Garcia.  Dr. Erin McGonigle joined the staff in early September.

The clinic is in the same building as the Sant Nirankari Mission’s hospital, Life West’s partner in this venture. The Sant Nirankari Mission is also the partner for regular service trips that Life West students can take to India. “We have access to trained medical specialists to consult on cases when needed,” Dr. Donaldson said of the arrangement.

In addition to the doctors, the clinic has a staff of three: a receptionist, a back office/translator and an office manager. The facilities include a reception and waiting area at the front of the building, a back waiting area and three adjusting or exam rooms, with a total of six tables.

In just the first full month of operation, more than 700 patients visited the clinic. During the second month, patient visits topped 1,100, Dr. Donaldson said. “We’re seeing everyone – kids, the elderly, people with pain and people with severe debilitating disease – a wide variety of cases,” he added.

In January, Life West will send another doctor with the experience to oversee Life West’s preceptor interns. The doctor will do a rotation at the clinic of one year, and preceptors will practice for three months.

“To me, the exciting part of this is that our interns can go over and practice for three months as part of the Life West education,” Dr. Donaldson said.

Plans to open a clinic in Tonga are also in motion. Students already visit three times a year in March, June and September.

“The goal is to also open a clinic there, like in India, where we can provide consistent service and opportunities for interns and local patients,” Dr. Donaldson said. Life West is also working with potential partners to create a similar process in Panama.

In each of these places, the intention is to create partnerships, provide service in either under- or non-served populations, and build relationships through service trips to ultimately build a clinic.

Learn more about Life West’s service trips by contacting Dr. Donaldson at sdonaldson@lifewest.edu.

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