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Life West Faculty Case Study Published

Life Chiropractic College West prides itself in employing the finest faculty, providing the best in chiropractic education and having one of the best state-of-the-art Health Centers in Northern California. Life West celebrates all these elements in a recently published case study, written by Life West faculty member, Professor Sue Ray and former Life West faculty member, Dr. Larry Callaway.

The Life West case study was published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health this month. The case study is titled, “Improvement in Health Outcome for an Infant with Type 2 Gaucher Disease Undergoing Chiropractic Care: A Case Report” and was based on a patient who was receiving care from a then, Life West student intern turned amazing DC, Dr. Kayla Ambert, at the Monte H. Greenawalt Health Center on campus.

It is always delightful to see the process at Life West come full circle. We begin by employing the best faculty, who then educate our wonderful students, who then care for our patients and continue to learn, and then graduate as top notch chiropractors. When a case study is published, we are able to expand our teaching beyond the Life West community and contribute to the chiropractic profession overall.

Former Life West Health Center Mentor, Dr. Larry Callaway was a favorite among the student population. He notes, “Life West provides an excellent learning environment for future Doctors of Chiropractors to hone their skills. Some of these skills are life skills, overcoming adversity, transitioning from student to professional and most important learning how to help people. The case study that was published is an example of a senior intern putting her heart and soul into changing the life of an infant. I was fortunate enough to have been the Health Center Mentor for this amazing chiropractor. There are so many great stories that can and will be turned into publishable work in the years to come, and as chiropractors we need to have a strong voice in human potential, and case studies are just one step in greater recognition.”

Life West’s non-DC faculty members are also incredible. Professor Sue Ray is amazed by the value chiropractic provides every day. Ray adds, “The Life West student interns and Health Center doctors do amazing work. I have always felt that more people should be able to enjoy the benefits of this care. Publication of case studies makes it possible for people to see the wider applications of chiropractic and how it might help them overcome their own very human problems and sufferings.”

Life West continually strives to provide the best experience for their students. The clinical experience Life West student interns receive in the Health Center preps them for life after Life West and provides them with the confidence and certainty they will use to thrive in practice.

Dr. Kayla Ambert, the student intern – now DC, who was caring for the patient at the time notes that the case is still very close to her heart. She says with pride,

“I am honored to have had the trust and confidence of the parents of this patient. This incredible patient taught me so much and opened my eyes as a practitioner. I hope this study brings more awareness to the benefits of chiropractic care and terminal illness.”

Congratulations to all those student interns, turned DCs that have left Life West. We hope that your experiences on campus allowed you to thrive in your practice! We thank all those who have taught at Life West and dedicated your lives to the benefit of our students and the chiropractic profession. Life West will continue to celebrate the amazing faculty, premier learning facilities and our tradition of graduating the most amazing Doctors of Chiropractic with pride and joy.

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