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Life West Goes to India

Thousands of people came for chiropractic care during the three-day service trip.

Life Chiropractic College West was the main strategic partner that sent chiropractors to serve at the 68th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam mission, held in New Delhi, India this November.

The Life West chiropractic team was on the ground in New Delhi for the third consecutive year and the fifth time serving at the mission that hosts a bi-annual event. Having aided over 9,000 people in need, the November 2015 team did an amazing job using their refined chiropractic skills to deliver better health and wellness to the masses. The mission draws over 1.7 million+ people that came mostly from underserved communities from around India.

The Life West team was compromised of 39 doctors, students and chiropractic assistants plus over a dozen key volunteers from US, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain, Australia, France and locally in India. The Life West team was led by Dr. Brian Kelly, Life West President; Dr. Ron Oberstein, Life West Board Chair; and Dr. Jimmy Nanda, Life West Board Member and Founder of the Indian Association of Chiropractic Doctors (IACD).

There were many miraculous cases to report from this mission trip; however one case stood out. A young mother brought in her young child, who was deaf and had never spoken a word in his life. While she didn’t know anything about chiropractic, she was desperate to find something to help her son. After the chiropractic adjustment by a doctor on the team, she was instructed to return the next day for another adjustment for her son. While standing in line waiting the following day, her son said the word ‘mommy’ a few times. She was so taken back that she didn’t believe it was actually her son speaking. She just couldn’t believe it. When the child saw the doctor who adjusted him the previous day, he said his second word ‘didi’ (Hindi for sister). The mother and doctor were beyond moved by the success and the precious moment shared. The doctor’s joyful tears were evidence of her passion to help her patients

In addition to the formal duties at the mission, the Life West India Mission team members were honored guests at a black tie gala hosted by the NRI Institute. The institute honored the Life West leadership individually and Dr. Kelly had the opportunity to speak about the chiropractic message to the group of esteemed guests including several country ambassadors. They also unveiled the cover of their new issue which features Dr. Nanda on the cover.

Lastly, the leadership team traveled to Chandigarh to visit the Life West recruitment office and to present at one of the best known medical colleges in the area, Gian Sagar Group of Colleges. The college has a medical, dental, nursing and physiotherapy colleges plus a large hospital. The presentation and Q&A with the student body and some faculty was conducted by Dr. Kelly and Dr. Oberstein.

If you want to be part of an upcoming Life West chiropractic team, you can find out more at: The India Mission. Missions are scheduled annually in November (New Delhi) and January (Mumbai).

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