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Life West improves facilities on campus over break

New student orientation was held in Room 110 where the new paint and quotes from D.D. Palmer and B.J. Palmer are displayed.

Over the winter break, Life Chiropractic College West experienced a few face-lifts around the Hayward campus, and several students, staff and faculty have noticed the updates.

Elevator Upgrade: The elevator located near the Health Center was professionally refurbished and rebuilt. The work includes new mechanical equipment, doors, interior and lighting.

Bookstore Display Case: The Life West Bookstore has installed a new display case in the corridor that showcases items from the bookstore, such as apparel, vitamins, supplements, textbooks and more. Visit the bookstore website for more information.

Room 110: The walls in room 110 have been adorned with inspirational quotes from D.D. Palmer and B.J. Palmer.

Men’s Locker Room: The broken flooring in the Men’s Locker Room was repaired, and the entire floor was recoated with a sealed epoxy floor system. The walls have been repainted and the lights were upgraded to efficient LEDs. The women’s locker room will get a similar upgrade during the Summer 2019 break.

Outside Air Monitoring: The monitor on the wall over the Security desk now displays outside air quality numbers in real time.

Life West Campus Operations Manager Michael Baldwin was behind the campus improvements. He’s also been involved with several projects in the past year that address what Life West can do as a business to create a lighter footprint environmentally. You can read about those projects in a recent post, Green initiatives help boost environmental IQ at Hayward campus.

Learn more about the Life West campus from our website.

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