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Life West Travels to India

This past Thanksgiving week, 25 Life West doctors, students and chiropractic assistants traveled to New Delhi, India to serve at the 70th annual Nirankari Sant Samagam mission. The Life West team was led by Life West President, Dr. Ron Oberstein, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Dr. Mark Zeigler, and Life West Board Chairman, Dr. Jimmy Nanda.

Life West partnered with the India Association of Chiropractic Doctors, Sant Nirankari Mission, and doctors from all over the globe to selflessly serve thousands of patients from all over India.

The team was exceptional in their efforts to improve the lives of thousands. In four days, over 10,000 patients were able to access full service chiropractic care. The mission draws over 1.7 million people and most reside in underserved communities around India.

There are many incredible stories to tell from this mission trip. Life West student, Zane Groves shared this very memorable experience.

“I had a patient, a 24 year old man, who had been vaccine damaged at the age of one. He presented with motor deficits on the entire left side of his body and some loss of speech. He had been told by the medical community that there was nothing that could be done to help. We assessed and adjusted him and asked if he could come back the next day. When he returned, he had such a smile on his face! He had regained about 80% of movement in his arm. The physical response was amazing, but the look of hope in his and his mother’s eyes just cracked my heart open.”

“Transformative” is the word Groves uses to describe his experience in India.

Dr. Ron Oberstein expressed his gratitude to the Mission for providing the opportunity to serve humanity with Her Holiness, Satguru Mata Ji, and the mission congregation. He was delighted to share the intent to build a clinic in India for doctors and students to serve the people in the surrounding communities.

To find out more about our India Mission Trips and how to get involved, visit lifewest.edu/the-india-mission. Our next scheduled mission trip is in November 2018 in New Delhi.

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