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Subatomic Influences

B.J. Palmer once said, chiropractic was founded on tone. I haven’t exactly read all of the green books, but I wonder what thought process he went through to make such a conclusive statement. The center of our philosophy revolves around the nervous system being disrupted or interfered with as the result of a subluxation. Yet we often forget that this interference has to start not only on a cellular level, but a subatomic level. Would it make sense for the cells to change their function, therefore changing the function of the organ or system, but for the subatomic level to remain unchanged? Chiropractic doesn’t normally dive into the world of protons, neutrons, and electrons, but even the simplest, most basic level of human anatomy begins with tone: a specific vibrational resonance. In order for matter to differentiate, it of course has to be made of certain elements; however, the elements are all made of neutrons, electrons and protons. This is why differentiation has to start on a subatomic level with a specific frequency. Water, for example, can change how organized the molecules are, based on the level of organization and vibrational frequency. Boiling water increases the tone (vibration) of the atoms, changing the level of organization within the water atoms. Therefore, if this law of science applies to water, it should certainly apply to the cells and tissues of the body.1

Rebekka Kuzichev

Rebekka Kuzichev

What happens when our body stores our experiences? What happens when our bodies can’t adapt to these experiences? The job of our nervous system is to integrate information from our environment and respond appropriately. As chiropractors, we are all too familiar with what happens when the nervous system reaches the limitations of matter and is overwhelmed. Subluxation does not just affect the movement of our spines, it creates disruption on a much deeper level and is created by our experiences. There is a transfer of energy in all experiences, and this energy is written into our own bodies through the integration of the nervous system. This integration is the nervous system taking the subatomic vibrations of our experiences, and adding them to our bodies, our stories.1

Have you ever met someone who seemed to almost have a magnetic quality about them? They seemed to be on an entirely different level of existence? Their mind, body, and spirit seemed to be in perfect sync? Most of the time they almost seem more awake than the rest of us. Yet they have not had a perfect life, one without subluxation. In fact, I have found these types of people to almost always have gone through intense suffering. However, their organization and unity are in an entirely different range. It all starts with tone. And to limit the power of chiropractic to just musculoskeletal issues is absurd since tone influences the nervous system. Does the chiropractic adjustment make changes on that deep of a level? The answer is actually the innate intelligence of our nervous systems really DO make changes on a subatomic level if the interference is removed. And that is the power of chiropractic.


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This article first appeared in the May 2020 issue of Lifelines, the Life West student magazine.


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