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Life West Alumnus Launches a Documentary Film Worldwide

Life West 2006 graduate, Rhea Zimmerman-Komarek has created an extraordinary story. This story is told in the form of a documentary film Love Bomb.

Love Bomb is a film about three people, coming together to be transformed through service. On the surface, the film is about a chiropractic service trip to Peru but the best parts of the story go well beyond the typical narrative. The film is interwoven with interviews with chiropractic greats like Jim Sigafoose and Jeanne Ohm, as well as other experts in the experience of love and service. Love Bomb is a story of chiropractic, love, and about how human beings can connect against all the odds.

Rhea learned more than she ever dreamed while making and producing this film. She said, “I really never would have thought that I would make a film. The entire experience was awe inspiring. Even the very quiet experience of spending hours transcribing and editing the content was also incredibly fulfilling. It was like living in a world where the chorus of voices was all about love for an entire year. The focus on love continues to gift me with the opportunity to continue the inner worldview shift from fear to love while continuing to trust that I can take a step out, essentially into nothing and something will always form underfoot as Joseph Chilton Pearce reminded me when I interviewed him.”

This enthusiastic filmmaker added that the greatest challenge of this venture was willing to be vulnerable. She said that the incredible support and new connections from multiple communities was what has made the project so rewarding.

The movie has premiered in many communities over the past year and now, it is finally available for download, streaming and DVD purchase. Rhea is a strong believer in the value of community and she wants to make sharing this film both easy and rewarding. Therefore she has set up an affiliate program which allows other chiropractors to share in the proceeds of sales and makes it incredibly easy for you to share the film.

Rhea invites you to become an affiliate. You can check out all the options here. This film will be of value to you and your patients. Be sure to check it out.

The Life West community is proud of Rhea Zimmerman-Komarek and her amazing drive to share chiropractic with the world.

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