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Mentor doc Dr. Ray Daniels: Success Leaves Clues

Dr. Ray Danials

Dr. Ray Daniels has always been an avid learner who loves to see the world through the lens of his coaches and mentors. When he was younger, he had coaches who served as mentors and provided him with life lessons intertwined among the learning and playing of sports. Later, he had a couple of teachers who instilled a timeless wisdom that he’ll never forget–that the body was made to heal itself, from the inside out.

Dr. Rick Swecker was Ray’s first chiropractor, and he also became Ray’s mentor both in chiropractic and in life. Dr. Swecker instilled in Ray a connection to chiropractic philosophy and a passion for his personal “why.” Dr. Swecker taught Ray what a true gift it was to have a career adjusting people back to a full life expression. All along his journey to become a chiropractor, Dr. Swecker has consistently been there for Ray–to teach, inspire, guide, facilitate, and sometimes not to say anything at all, so that Ray can figure it out on his own.

Ray views mentorship as an art form. He feels fortunate to have met people who were willing to be catalysts for his evolution in life. They asked powerful and thought-provoking questions, and then showed him what is possible. Ray describes his mentors as mirrors for him to see the greatness within himself. Ray believes that mentorship is not something we should expect, but rather something we earn and attract to our lives once we are ready.

Ray decided to become a chiropractor because of his mentors. He observed the behavior and impact of his teachers, and he knew that he wanted to be able to give the same gift to others. Watching his chiropractor take care of a range of patients, from babies to kids and athletes and all the way up to the elderly, showed him what was possible in a career. He saw that it was possible to love what you do.

I hope to look back on my life in 10 years and be proud of who I see in the mirror and the lives that I have been lucky enough to touch.

Ray chose Life West because his mentor, Dr. Swecker, went to school at Life West and absolutely loved his experience. Ray figured that when someone he respects and admires tells him that Life West was the best, he didn’t even need to look anywhere else. Success leaves clues.

When Ray visited Life West, he experienced the Life West feeling for himself. “The family vibes were a real thing,” Ray explains. “For many people, the environment inside the walls of Life West feel like home, and a real sense of belonging exists here. I know I am getting a little ‘woo woo’ but that stuff is real!”

Ray graduated from Life West in June 2018 and now practices inside his original chiropractic practice at Family First Chiropractic in Reno, Nevada. He gets to work every day with Dr. Swecker and Dr. Cliff Fisher, who both played (and continue to play) huge mentorship roles in his life path.

Ray has already become a mentor to many by creating and hosting “The Artful Chiropractor Podcast.” Ray began making the podcast while he was still in school and has published close to 100 episodes, featuring amazing people from inside and outside of the chiropractic profession. The Artful Chiropractor Podcast was designed to inspire and equip chiropractors on their evolutionary path in actualizing their potential as human beings. Ray hopes to inspire and empower chiropractors to serve their communities at the highest level.

When Ray looks forward, he sees endless opportunity. “I hope to be living a life that is true to my wants and desires and not just serving the needs of others. I hope to be evolving in my relationships, family, business, play, personal life, adventure, etc. I hope to find the balance of making an impact and savoring all the experiences that life has to offer. I hope to look back on my life in 10 years and be proud of who I see in the mirror and the lives that I have been lucky enough to touch.”

Success leaves clues–and when we serve as mentors, we give and receive success in equal measure. Ray followed those clues left by his mentors to find a career he loves and a community he is deeply connected to.

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