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Campus Enhancements Kick-Off with New Café

Since we moved into our current campus over 16 years ago, we have spent only a small amount on capital improvements. It is now the right time to make the major investment into campus enhancements.

With some major renovations coming in the next year, Life West is making much needed campus enhancements. On the plate is a new auditorium which has been kick-started through a generous grant of $500,000 by Standard Process. A multi-staged complete remodel of the Health Center is another important component of the construction happening, along with implementation of an electronic records system. And no campus is complete without a proper sports gym. The new gym space will host student athletic practices and competitions. We know that these investments will greatly enhance the student experience.

We are happy to report that over the recent summer break, we completed one phase of the project. Formerly known as the Bistro, we have redesigned the café area and named it Café Au Life. The campus Café is a location that holds the heart of activity for the entire campus. It is a place students spend significant time for studying, meetings, social events, meals and refreshments, as well as many great conversations and debates. This highly utilized space needed to be more functional in order to meet the variety of needs of our students. We remodeled the inside of the Café, including new furniture and expanding the outdoor dining experience and doubling the available space. In addition, we have hired a new professional food service vendor that has worked with the college for years.

The new space is attractive, highly functional and a pleasant place to take a break or crack open the books.

Check out future issues of Vital Times to see more changes in the coming year. If you are interested in making a donation to our campus enhancement projects please visit: https://lifewest.edu/institutional-advancement/ Thank you for all who continue to support Life Chiropractic College West and its campus enhancements.

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