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New System for Continuing Education Offers Streamlined Self-Service

In August, Life Chiropractic College West announced the launch of a new Continuing Education (CE) portal. In this post, learn a little more about what you can do there and how this new platform can make life easier.

“This is a sophisticated system that is built for regulated continuing education,” said Laurie Isenberg, Director of Life West’s Continuing Education program. “It’s built for exactly what we do. It’s a great, great leap forward.”

The new system is more streamlined, it has a contemporary design, and it offers a more professional presentation of Life West’s CE services. Registering is simple, and full-service online courses are available.

Among the most convenient new options for CE program participants is that everything is self-service. Participants can register, take a course, and then print the certificate at home. This is a huge improvement over the past, Laurie said, when certificates had to be signed and mailed from Life West. Participants who need to reprint certificates, check their records, or get a copy of their transcripts can also easily access the portal and print any time.

“This system gives you more autonomy and control over your records,” Laurie added.

The same system is used for Life West’s face-to-face CE program. Participants have online access to their CE records and can respond instantly to any board inquiries.

Life West’s online CE program was launched in 2017 with online courses from Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., and Gerry Clum, D.C., among others.

The goal is for continuing education to be easy, accessible, affordable, relevant, and excellent in every way, Laurie said. The new CE portal helps Life West reach that goal.

Visit the CE portal: https://ce.lifewest.edu

Let us know how you like it! Submit your comments through the Contact tab or email conted@lifewest.edu.

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