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Newest students share their stories during Life West orientation

The newest class of Life Chiropractic College West students arrived in Hayward, California on Friday for orientation, the traditional start of a Life West student’s on-campus experience. The aspiring chiropractors began their studies in the fall quarter, which kicked off Monday.

New Life West students share a laugh during Friday’s orientation program.

The new students were treated to a full day of events designed to welcome them into the Life West family. Members of the group came from a wide variety of backgrounds and chose to pursue chiropractic as a career for an array of different reasons.

“I’m a Navy veteran and a former Chicago schoolteacher,” Jerrod Howe said while addressing his peers at a session early in the program. “I chose chiropractic because it was a life-changing adjustment that made me start to live the best possible life that I could. I want to have that impact on other people.”

“I had chronic pain for a long time, and chiropractic was what got me out of it,” said Taylor Goad. “My chiropractor was actually the first person who told me I could get better, which was huge for me.”

When explaining why they chose Life West, those in attendance hit on a number of common themes. Most notably, several testified that the tight-knit on-campus atmosphere provided a welcoming environment.

“Everybody at this school was really passionate about the field” of chiropractic, said Rebekah Boron-Trotter about a prior visit to the campus. “I felt a strong sense of community, and I fell in love with it.”

Students describe what brought them to Life West during a Friday morning session.

“I’m from a small town, so I love the small-town feel of Life West,” Alessa Dalcourt agreed. “I loved the sense of community and family, and I also loved the philosophy. I’m really excited to be here.”

A number of new students added that attending Champions Weekend, Life West’s quarterly event for prospective students, gave them valuable insights into chiropractic and the college community.

“I came to Champions Weekend and really enjoyed the family aspect of Life West,” Margherita Brini said. “I loved the team-building and how everyone was building each other up.”

“I came to Life West because Champions Weekend really changed me,” said Andrew Apuya. “I loved the vibe, the community and the values.”

The new students spent the day meeting with representatives of Student Council, faculty and staff. Among other activities, the first-quarter students were educated on the concept of Lasting Purpose, photographed for student ID cards and prepped for what to expect during their first week of classes.

Highlights of the first week of the quarter include Friday’s seminar with Life West President Ron Oberstein, DC. Following the seminar, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the dozens of on-campus clubs at an activities fair held outside of the Standard Process Assembly Hall.

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