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NUCCA leader joins Life West faculty

Jeff Scholten, DC

Life West held its first weekly seminar of the 2019 spring quarter last Friday. Surprise guest Jeff Scholten, DC, spoke to students about starting their journey in chiropractic and where it could lead.

Dr. Scholten

Dr. Scholten has just recently joined the Life West faculty to teach classes on spinal disorders. He is the president of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, or NUCCA, as well as a published clinical researcher. He is a board member of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) Council on Upper Cervical Care, a board member of the Upper Cervical Research Foundation, and director of the Vital Posture Clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he lives.

The event was also highlighted by the announcement of several generous gifts from Life West supporters Raleigh Duncan, DC, and VoxxLife, a technology company that creates wellness products.

Raleigh Duncan, DC, was on hand as Life West Director of Alumni Relations Palmer Peet announced the installation of two saunas Duncan has donated to his alma mater. A 2000 graduate of Life West, Dr. Duncan is the founder and CEO of Clearlight Infrared, a sauna production company based in nearby Berkeley.

“You’ve chosen to give back to people, and that’s so important,” Duncan said while addressing the student body. “I just want to acknowledge you guys, because in my book, you’re great.”

The two saunas are located in the Life West gymnasium and are expected to be operational within the next several weeks. Additionally, a third sauna will be up for grabs in a raffle to be held at next month’s Life West Golf Classic. The event will be held May 9 at Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek, and raffle tickets (and event packages) are on sale now.

Friday’s seminar also featured the announcement of a $5,000 scholarship funded by VoxxLife. One of two identical packages being handed out annually by Life West, this award was presented to student Judith Hoffman.

Life West holds seminars each Friday in Assembly Hall. The events attract widely-respected figures in the chiropractic world, as well as a range of Life West community members. The next seminar is scheduled for April 12, with speaker Dr. Christine Zapata.

For more information on Clearlight Infrared, visit their website. For more on VoxxLife, come to Life West’s job fair on Thursday, April 11, where the company will be offering demos of its products and services.

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