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Our gift in December: Another chance to get CE hours by year’s end

Still need to get those required Continuing Education hours in before the year ends? Life West has an early holiday gift for you – everything in one weekend, just before things kick into high gear for the holidays.

In the lab

Dr. James Kunsman

If you’ve ever wanted to see Life West’s cadaver labs, or you’d like more time for study in them, this is your chance. Through a hands-on study of human cadaver dissections, participants in this two-day seminar will learn about and understand better the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body, as well as how an adjustment can influence both biomechanics and neurological function.

Human Anatomy for Health & Fitness Professionals

  • 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 14 and 15
  • James Kunsman, DC
  • 12 CE hours general

Dr. Kunsman, who graduated from Life West in 2011, is certified in Functional Movement Technique and a part-time anatomy instructor. Learn more about the course and register online.

CE Saturday Dec. 14 at Life West

Courses for December’s CE Saturday kick off with a lecture for those interested in practicing pediatric care. Dr. Jamie Motley, who has a DACBR degree and teaches at Life West, will lead participants as they explore the imaging characteristics of normal skeletal development as well as radiographic patterns of common pathologies affecting the pediatric population.

Other classes in the CE Saturday lineup include an overview of the latest laws, policies and procedures in order to ensure that one’s practice is compliant and up to date, and a third seminar by sought-after speaker Dr. William Ruch, who teaches identification and assessment of subluxations in the pelvis and extremities at Life West and for Life West CE courses.

X-Ray: Pediatric Imaging: Normal Characteristics and Beyond

  • Saturday, Dec. 14, 8 am – 12:50 pm
  • Jamie Motley, DC, DACBR
  • 5 CE hours X-ray

Ethics, Law & Preventing HIPAA Audits in a Social Media World

  • Saturday, Dec. 14, 1 – 2:50 pm
  • Michelle Massa, DC
  • 2 CE hours Category A Ethics

Examination and Treatment for the Subluxated Pelvis and Leg

  • Saturday, Dec. 14, 3 – 7:50 pm
  • William Ruch, DC
  • 5 CE hours Category A Technique

Earn 12 hours during Life West’s CE Saturday – take one, two or all three seminars and meet all your live CE requirements for the year!

About Life West CE

Continuing education is a critical part of any practicing chiropractor’s career. The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires 24 hours of continuing education to retain an active license, 12 of which must be completed via in-person training. Life West offers exceptional continuing education classes for chiropractors on convenient CE Saturdays, allowing busy clinicians to fulfill a large chunk of their live hours in one day. Stay current with mandated licensing requirements as you hone existing skills and learn about new and developing methodologies.

Visit the CE website for more information on all of Life West’s CE offerings.

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