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Phone System Instructions

To record an outgoing message:

  1. Dial 8000 from your extension
  2. Press four zeros (0000) when prompted for a security code
  3. Follow all prompts to configure voicemail box
  4. When you hear a message like “ Great! Your new voicemail box is now set up…” you are done

To check messages:

  1. From your extension, dial 8000
  2. Enter your security code
  3. Hit the triangle button under the word "NEW" on the screen…messages will play

From off-campus:

  1. Dial 510-780-4599
  2. Press 9 + your four digit extension (ie. example 92820)
  3. Enter your security code
  4. Press 4 to hear new messages

To forward a call:

  1. Press *5 followed by the extension you to which wish to forward call
  2. To cancel, press #5