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Practices flock to Life West job fair, showing demand for grads

Seniors at Life Chiropractic College West are just two months from their graduation date. The prospect of finding a job can be daunting, but Life West attempted to make this a bit easier at a job fair, held Thursday, April 11 in the college’s gymnasium.

“There’s been a huge demand for doctors in the field looking to hire new associates,” Life West Director of Alumni Relations Palmer Peet said. “They really want Life West graduates, because our graduates are excellent both philosophically and technically. They’re anxious to come and fish in our pool of recent or soon-to-be graduates.”

Employees from 33 different chiropractic practices attended Thursday, and they were met by nearly 100 eager students. Spirits were high, and so was curiosity, from students and prospective employers alike.

“We’re looking to network with students,” said Michelle Hurlbut, one of several representatives from The Joint Chiropractic. “We want to find out who’s available and what they’re looking for. We’re looking to engage with them and get to know them a bit better.”

Several practices with tables at the job fair had pressing needs to fill, and they all opted to specifically target soon-to-be Life West graduates.

“We’re looking for a DC, either part-time or full-time,” said Lena Kawash of Spine & Sportcare in nearby San Leandro. “We’re a very fun office with very young doctors, so we’re looking for someone who can complement that.”

Meanwhile, Peet added that his goals for the event were wide-ranging and not restricted solely to more senior students.

“My hope is that the seniors will get jobs,” he said, “and that the non-seniors will have an idea of what jobs will be available when they graduate.”


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