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Report an Incident or Complaint

What do I do?

If …

  • I’m involved in a physical altercation
  • Someone makes me feel threatened or unsafe
  • My personal property is stolen or damaged
  • I witness unprofessional or unethical behavior
  • I’m not sure how to respond to an upsetting situation
  • Someone harasses me or challenges me verbally or physically

Go to one of the following offices to inquire about filing an Incident Report:

  • Student Life Office
  • Academic Affairs Office
  • Provost

Then what?

  • All Incident/Complaints Reports are routed to the Executive Vice President who reviews the report and determines the appropriate designee for investigation.
  • You and others involved may be contacted for an interview.
  • You will be notified regarding the status of the inquiry or investigation.

Download Incident/Complaint Form

Looking for more information on process? View Life West’s Discrimination Complaint Procedures.