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Resources on racism available; Diversity & Inclusion Network coming soon

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As mass #BlackLivesMatter protests continue in the wake of George Floyd’s violent death on May 25 in Minneapolis, Life Chiropractic College West is taking steps to create a stronger presence online around one of our key strategic initiatives, diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Annette Walker

Dr. Annette Walker

Dr. Annette Walker, Life West’s Diversity & Inclusion Officer, is working to implement the Diversity and Inclusion Network (DIN), an online college-wide network and repository that provides a platform for increasing knowledge and awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Network is to promote a safe and inclusive space for dialogue and engagement. Life West will provide educational resources, workshops, and training on various topics of diversity and inclusion in this space.

Dr. Walker is also available to provide guidance and additional resources to those who reach out to her individually. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Walker’s statement following initial protests on June 1:

“For many of us who stand for social justice, diversity and inclusion, it is again a time to speak up for what is right and to reach out to family, friends, and others we care about, letting them know that they are not alone with their pain and outrage. At times like this, there is often a need to share our feelings and frustrations while peaceably and constructively venting our concerns. Many of us may also want to learn how we and others in our community can help bring about positive change. I encourage you to support students and colleagues by standing together to condemn systemic racism and bias that puts an end to racial hatred. Let’s come together to support each other during these unprecedented times.”

In a post on Facebook, Life West President Dr. Ron Oberstein wrote: “This topic is very close to my heart – diversity and inclusion is a top strategic initiative at the college, and we are committed to driving change within our own community. As our students go out to serve the world, they carry these important cultural messages with them, effecting a greater change.

Together, we have power. Collectively, we can influence policy and reform. To leaders in every community: Let’s use our power to drive change.”

Educational resources

Dr. Walker led two virtual peaceful protests last week for the Life West community. Following are suggestions she considers excellent resources for further education

For parents looking for resources to help them talk with their children about racism, here are links designed for adolescents and younger children on the impact of racism:

Making a donation

There are also several impactful causes that are working to stop institutional and structural racism. Dr. Walker suggests the following, if you would like to consider making a donation.

Individual help

If you are a student, Life West has staff members who you can talk with about these very difficult and challenging times. Send an email to Academic Counselor Lori Pino at lpino@lifewest.edu and Student Life Manager Dani Lorta at dlorta@lifewest.edu for free and confidential assistance.

Life West employees may email Ombuds Dr. George Casey at gcasey@lifewest.edu.

Dr. Walker is also available at awalker@lifewest.edu. Please look for additional information and resources coming soon.


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