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Running, Swimming and Biking for Joy

Life West students find many different ways to express their passions. Our students make time to experience a well-rounded life and to hone their skills in diverse areas like arts, entrepreneurship and athletics.
Wanda Nyvall recounts her experiences competing in the Oakland Triathlon. In her first outing at the Olympic distance, she placed second in her age group. Wanda met with Margarita Ablaza to share her story.

What got you interested in triathlons?

“It started with marathons. I have been running half marathons since 2003. A few years later, I went up to full marathons with my friends,” Nyvall says with a smile.

For Nyall, this sport is something she does with her friends. She expresses how much her friends back home in Abbotsford, B.C mean to her and that having people to train with is a vital motivation factor.

“My friends were starting to do triathlons, and were going to do a half Iron Man.” Nyvall reports, “So I said to a couple of friends, ‘Are you in?! Let’s do it.’ We all agreed to do it. We bought bikes and I started to learn how to swim.

Can you describe your training regimen?

“I had to learn how to swim and get proficient on a bike – where you’re riding a racing bike, a road bike, where you clipped in, and it’s like falling, going down, going down, if I couldn’t unclip”, Nyvall laughs, “We hired a coach named Steve and he trained us to prepare for Iron Man.”
Would you say that chiropractic has been important to your ability to compete?

“Yes, chiropractic has been very helpful. To me, that’s the best way to help in the recovery process. Chiropractic also gives more energy.”

Nyvall notes that after an adjustment, she feels energized. When her sympathetic nervous system is calm, she feels more relaxed and able to perform at her best.

“Of course, it helps me to focus,” Nyvall smiles.

What made you want to compete on this level?

“All along it’s been a personal goal – just for the joy of doing it and the challenge for myself personally. Can I do it? And then – how can I do more next time?”

What inspires you?

Wanda is inspired by the idea that the joy is in the journey. “If we don’t have joy in the journey, ask why. Because the joy really is in the journey.”

Life Chiropractic College West is proud to have Wanda as part of the Life West Tribe. We can’t wait to see what empowering project she takes on next.

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