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Salutogenesis expert Ohm returns to The WAVE

Jeanne Ohm, DC

For the second consecutive year, Life West alum, faculty member and Board of Regents representative Jeanne Ohm, DC, will take the stage at The WAVE. A longtime believer in the philosophy of Salutogenesis, her seminar will focus on, “The Heart, Heart and Hands of Salutogenesis in the Family Practice.”

An author of numerous published research papers on chiropractic care for children and in pregnancy, and a contributing peer reviewer to the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health–Chiropractic, Dr. Ohm is one of chiropractic’s most respected voices when it comes to the Salutogenic model. She possesses ample experience as a presenter at professional, postgraduate holistic and birthing conferences on chiropractic health and related topics. Additionally, Dr. Ohm is a co-developer and CEO of ICPA/Practiced Based Research Network, an organization founded on a vision of “Chiropractic Today for a Better World Tomorrow.”

Life West is always excited to enlist presenters for The WAVE who bring with them a wealth of knowledge, innovative techniques, unique perspectives and undeniable charisma, sure to entertain and educate. Dr. Ohm is a well-known, highly-sought after national speaker and profession innovator, and her influence in the chiropractic world will be felt for generations to come…literally.

Ohm and her husband, Dr. Tom, co-founded Ohm Family Chiropractic in 1981, and have been serving the South Philadelphia community for over 30 years. Offering patients of all ages the highest in quality, personalized chiropractic care in an environment designed to support them in achieving optimal health and wellness, their practice has a binary purpose that also caters to the specialized care of pregnant mothers and infants. Dr. Ohm’s professional mission is to provide Doctors of Chiropractic with the skills and motivation to care for more pregnant mothers and children, educating other practitioners with the information to support natural birthing in their practices. A commitment founded in her understanding that birth trauma is a current concern, it has become Ohm’s goal to eliminate its damaging effects on the newborn. With her own six children and eight grandchildren born at home, all of whom have received chiropractic care since conception, Ohm and her family genuinely embody the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.

At The WAVE 2018, Dr. Ohm’s talk centered on the optimal potential of the Salutogenic approach to health in perinatal and child care—from conception through pregnancy, and from infants to teens—to optimize family wellness. You can check out some of her presentation in the video below.

At The WAVE, scheduled for August 16-18 at the Oakland Convention Center, Dr. Ohm will again be discussing the Salutogenic model. However, the focus will be on implementing the philosophy within the practice instead, highlighting the connection between the nervous system and salutogenic care while delivering adjustments that give birth to health.

You can attend her session by registering for The WAVE here.


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