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Send us your memories for a look back at Life West’s last 40 years

As chiropractic closes in on a milestone anniversary, Life West looks back at its own history. Nearly 40 years ago George Anderson and Sid Williams reached a deal in 1981 to keep Pacific States Chiropractic College from closing, and Life Chiropractic College West was born.

In our next issue of Life West Chiropractic Magazine, we’ll take a look back at the early days, share memories, and celebrate the success of an institution that safeguards the original chiropractic philosophies and builds on that through the application of science and the development of technique, or the art of chiropractic.

We’ll share with you excerpts from interviews and letters from those who were there at the beginning of Life West’s own history.

Hear from people like then-President Gerry Clum, who writes: “As I look back on those early days, I think about the roles that Dr. Anderson and Dr. Williams played in making it possible for their dreams and visions to be realized—neither getting what they originally had hoped for but both getting a noteworthy return on their investment in cooperation and collaboration nonetheless. I also think about how different George and Sid were. George was quiet, calm, meek and mild. Sid was bold, brash, excitable, and outrageous. Somehow, they were able to make it work between them, and we all came to enjoy the good fortune their partnership created.”

Share your own great moments in chiropractic and Life West history! Email kmiedema@lifewest.edu to send in your own Life West memories.





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