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September CE on anatomy offers time in cadaver lab

If you attended The WAVE, Life Chiropractic College West’s annual chiropractic conference held in August, you may have completed your required hours this year. But that’s no reason to skip over the excellent programming our Postgraduate & Continuing Education program has lined up for September.

Life West will host a new-6-hour-format class in Life West’s cadaver lab on Saturday, Sept. 21. Learn about human anatomy from James Kunsman, DC, who practices in the Bay Area and teaches at Life West.

James Kunsman, DC

Human Anatomy for Health & Fitness Professionals

• Saturday, Sept. 21, 9 am – 4 pm
• James Kunsman, DC
• 6 CE hours general

The program teaches the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body and how a chiropractic adjustment influences biomechanics as well as neurology. Students will learn about anomalies and conditions that may influence care, training, and health and fitness regimens. They will also get some hands-on time in the cadaver lab. You do not have to be a chiropractor or chiropractic student to register for this class, however the class is limited to 24 participants.

CE Saturday

For chiropractors practicing in the Golden State, the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners (CBCE) requires 24 hours of continuing education each year, prior to the last day of your birthday month. While up to 12 of those 24 hours can be taken online, Life West offers CE Saturdays to ensure our alumni and other chiropractors in the state attain the required live hours. Here’s what Life West has lined up for September.

Bryan Gatterman, DC, DACBR

X-Ray: Radiographic Evaluation for Optimal Potential of the Spine

• 8 am – 12:30 pm on Saturday, Sept. 28
• Bryan Gatterman, DC, DACBR
• 5 CE hours X-ray

Dr. Gatterman, a clinical radiologist for the Life West Health Center and a member of the Life West faculty, will discuss the influence of radiographic findings in determining how to proceed with a patient’s care. Those who attend this event will also learn how to assess particular findings.


Michelle Massa, DC

Ethics, Law & Preventing HIPAA Audits in a Social Media World

• 1 – 2:40 pm on Saturday, Sept. 28
• Michelle Massa, DC
• 2 CE hours Category A Ethics

Dr. Massa is a Life West faculty member, compliance officer for the on-campus Monte H. Greenawalt Health Center and a manager of her own practice in nearby Danville. She will guide participants through the latest laws, policies and procedures related to HIPAA. This seminar will help chiropractors ensure that they are closely following current, up-to-date legislation.


J. David Currie, DC

NEW! Gonstead Pelvic & Sacrum Adjusting Made Easy

• 3 – 7:30 pm on Saturday, Sept. 28
• J. David Currie, DC
• 5 CE hours Category A Technique

Dr. Currie, a Life West faculty member who specializes in the Gonstead technique and teaches it around the world, will teach participants how to evaluate a patient and understand the principles of effortless adjusting. This is the third in a series of classes on the Gonstead technique that have been taught by Dr. Currie.

About Life West CE

Life West makes it easy and engaging for alumni and area chiropractors to fulfill their mandated CE requirements. These CE courses and live seminars are conducted by industry-leading chiropractors.

The Postgraduate & Continuing Education program offers 12-hour CE Saturdays nearly every month, helping postgraduates complete state-mandated continuing education in lively settings, conducted by knowledgeable field professionals. When you choose to complete your CE with Life West, you are supporting not just the school, but the next generation of students—and the vitalistic mission of the college as a whole.

See what else Life West has to offer, both online and in-person, at ce.lifewest.edu. Or call (510) 780-4508 to reserve your seat and start earning your CE credits.

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