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Life West Panama Service Trips

Life Chiropractic College West is proud to be a part of an ongoing initiative to expand chiropractic in Panama, in partnership with CREW (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) and in alliance with the office of the First Lady of Panama, the Ministry of Health and Fundacion Omar Alfanno.

We welcome experienced chiropractors and Life West interns to join us in this unprecedented chiropractic service experience. DCs will be working alongside chiropractic students as we provide care for hundreds of people daily. The level of gratitude and appreciation you will receive from the patients will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Licensed DCs are welcome to join the trip if there is room. For more information, please contact us.

Students MUST be enrolled at Life Chiropractic College West, must be eligible to adjust out-patients and must be in good academic standing. Please notify us if you are interested in participating.

NOTE: The adjusting days are very long. You will be taking care of people all day and well into the evening. You need to be fit and healthy and capable of taking care of many people per hour. You will be provided with fluids, meals and opportunities to take a break and check out the sights. We provide tables, and any chiropractic technique is suitable.

Hear from Life West students who have served in India, Tonga, or Panama

Trips occur during the following months each year

  • March
  • June
  • September