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Short on CE? Life West can help you with our December courses

It’s the end of the year! Do you still need your CE hours? We’ve got you covered for last-minute continuing education with new programs that allow you to participate when you have the time. Life Chiropractic College West offers several options for online CE, but keep reading for what’s new.

Life West will offer a trio of twice-monthly sessions during the month of December. Attendees can earn up to 12 CE hours by attending these courses, which will be offered as part of the school’s new “Morning Joe” and “Lunch With Life West” series.

“We’re excited to continue bringing CE programs to chiropractors in innovative, convenient ways,” said Life West Director of Postgraduate and Continuing Education Laurie Isenberg. “These sessions offer opportunities for doctors to earn CE either before their practices open or during their lunch breaks, all from wherever they’d like to participate.”

These sessions focus on billing and coding, the polyvagal theory, and the anatomy of breastfeeding. More information on each course can be found below.


Comprehensive and Ethical Billing and Coding

Angel Tribuno, DC

  • Angel Tribuno, DC
  • 8 – 9:40 am, Dec. 1 and Dec. 3
  • 4 billing/coding CE hours

This seminar contains timely, relevant and entertaining information that you need to make your great practice run even better. This four-hour course will provide the chiropractic health care provider with a current and credible systematic approach of proper and ethical billing and coding, including and not limited to patient record documentation and the dimensions of the patient record.


Chiropractic and the Polyvagal Theory Made Easy and Applicable

Monika Buerger, BS, DC

  • Monika Buerger, BS, DC
  • 12 – 1:40 pm, Dec. 1 and Dec. 8
  • 4 general CE hours

The body’s wandering nerve, the vagus nerve, has made a huge splash in the world of health and well-being in the past two decades. Join Dr. Buerger as she breaks down the Polyvagal Theory into easy-to-understand, bite-size pieces to help chiropractors and their staff better understand and communicate the importance of the vagus nerve. Attendees will learn how to apply these principles to everyday practice.


Anatomy of Breastfeeding

Lynn Gerner, DC

  • Lynn Gerner, DC
  • 12 – 1:40 pm, Dec. 10 and Dec. 17
  • 4 general CE hours

Doctors will learn to identify cranial, spinal, muscular and dural imbalances relating to breastfeeding as well as how to specifically address them. These workshops are designed to teach attendees to understand the anatomy and physiology of infants and how the pieces affect the whole.

You can still earn CE from the WAVE!

Life West’s premier chiropractic conference is still available for you to enjoy online. Enjoy sessions led by world-class speakers from the chiropractic profession while earning up to 20 hours of online CE credit. Make sure you print or download your certificates of completion separately for each session you complete, as certificates will not be mailed to you.

About Life West CE

Continuing education is a critical part of any practicing chiropractor’s career. The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires 24 hours of continuing education to retain an active license, 12 of which must be completed via in-person seminars or Zoom-style webinars.

Life West offers exceptional continuing education classes for chiropractors. Stay current with mandated licensing requirements as you hone existing skills and learn about new and developing methodologies. See all the CE courses Life West offers online at ce.lifewest.edu.

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