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Speaker campaigns for community involvement at seminar

Addison Bulosan, DC, returned to his alma mater Friday to lead Life Chiropractic College West’s latest weekly seminar. The 2013 graduate owns and operates a practice in Hawaii, and he talked to students about the 90-day ramp-up prior to opening a business.

Addison Bulosan, DC

Dr. Bulosan’s speech focused primarily on the art of immersing one’s self into the community. By meeting new people and fostering relationships, he explained, new DCs can create a steady flow of patients right away, which in turn could make an operation profitable in a very short time.

“I want to see all of you succeed,” Dr. Bulosan said to members of the Life West student body. “Because you’re passionate about chiropractic and helping people, I’m passionate about you guys.”

In his presentation, Dr. Bulosan stressed the need to develop communication plans involving various community leaders and organizations. As an admitted introvert, he conceded that this did not come easily for him, but he learned a philosophy very quickly that he did not hesitate to preach to his audience.

“Life is in the follow-up,” he said. “You’re going to build connections in your first 30 days in a community. You’ll get a list of people, and the tendency is to be afraid and not follow up. If you follow up with people you meet, it will create an atmosphere where you can build relationships.”

Among the tips Dr. Bulosan passed along were to volunteer with local organizations, such as Rotary and Elks clubs and Chambers of Commerce, in order to meet potential patients and explain the benefits of chiropractic care. Adding these people to wait lists, he continued, makes planning “soft opening” events easier, which in turn opens the door for potential patients to be added to a wait list. That wait list is then referred to when a practice is about to open, thus providing patients on day one.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]If you follow up with people you meet, it will create an atmosphere where you can build relationships.[/quote]
This is the plan he followed leading up to the 2014 opening of The Specific Chiropractic Center in Kauai, and Dr. Bulosan said he created a cash flow of more than $23,000 in his first month of business. He is preparing for the September opening of a practice in Maui, and his ultimate goal is to own and operate at least one practice on each island in the state of Hawaii.

“My goal is to transform all of Hawaii into loving chiropractic,” he said. “Imagine doing that to a state, and if that state influences another state, after a few states, we could have most of a country. And once we have a country, we can go to another country. That’s all in my vision, and I really see that happening.”

In his presentation, Dr. Bulosan credited Life West faculty members Ankur Tayal, DC, and Lauren Clum, DC, as two of his most influential mentors. He added that he values the time he spent in the Bay Area, and that he left the school with values and friendships that will stick with him forever.

“I consider Life West my home,” he said after taking the stage. “I didn’t think I would find ohana, which is family, like I did in Hawaii. I thought it was unique to the area, but I truly feel like I met people I consider family here.”

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