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Sports Performance Institute From Las Vegas to Hong Kong

Tiger Rugby Invites SPI to Las Vegas

Recently, the Life West Sports Performance Institute was invited to provide chiropractic care for Tiger Rugby, a high-performance rugby program, at the USA Sevens Rugby event commonly called the Las Vegas 7’s. Tiger Rugby is a blend of the high-performance players from around the world, brought together to practice and compete as a developmental squad to acquire playing time for their respective countries. Countries that were represented on this team included Canada, England, South Africa and the United States. 

Life West’s SPI team was responsible for caring for both the men’s and women’s teams on and off the field. Chiropractic performance care was a primary focus of the SPI team, helping to prepare the athletes for the week of practice and competition and providing recovery care after these events. Many of the players had limited experience with chiropractic and most of that was after an injury. We had the opportunity to introduce these players to the idea of chiropractic to optimize performance. This was a major paradigm shift for many of the players. The care was well received by both the players and the management of Tiger Rugby.

From Las Vegas to Hong Kong 

Due to the quality of care and professionalism of the SPI staff, which included Dr. Scott Lessard, intern Jocelyn Mecham, and second quarter student and athletic trainer Kelly Farmer, Tiger Rugby invited SPI to participate in the next leg of the tour, the Hong Kong 10’s. This international event was held the first week of April. This was the first time that SPI has been invited to an international event to provide performance chiropractic care to elite athletes. 

At the 10’s competition, multiple games are played on the same day and teams gather in a common area provided by the venue. This format allowed SPI to provide both pre- and post-match care in full view of all the other teams. As the day progressed, players from other teams and from all over the world gravitated to the chiropractic table to see what was going on. They expressed an interest in the care as most had never experienced chiropractic care for performance and recovery. 

The program is an incredible opportunity for Life West students to experience the real world of sports chiropractic. Intern Jocelyn Mecham provided the majority of the care and took every opportunity to promote the benefits of chiropractic care. 

Life West SPI goes far beyond the classroom and the training room. SPI looks forward to many opportunities in the future where students can provide care at elite athletic events.  

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